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  • Broadly speaking, Emergency services in Aruna Asaf Ali Government Hospital works under the aegis of department of Accident & Emergency with an identified post of Chief of the casualty Medical Officer (CCMO) as per hospital Manual.
  • The Accident & Emergency services are available round the clock with Junior Resident Casualty to help Casualty Medical Officer in shift duties assigned to Casualty Medical Officer as well as Junior Resident (Casualty) by CCMO (A & E). Specialist Doctors in the concerned specialties are also available on call as and when required in Casualty. Senior Resident (SR) of different specialties from specialist cadre is also available round the clock to give logistic support to casualty Medical Officer.
  • Needless to say, the emergency operation theatre is functional round the clock for poly trauma cases, abdominal emergencies & Medico legal cases. In event of arrival of serious cases in A & E Department treatment / Management gets priority over paper work like registration and Medico legal formalities in the light of apex court direction. However, the ultimate decision rests with the treating doctors from the specialist side/ Casualty Medical Officer for non-medical-legal and medico legal cases respectively.
  • As per newly substituted section 54 of Cr. PC, a carbon copy of Medico legal sheet is routinely supplied to the accused as per direction by the Hon’ble Court of Metropolitan Magistrate New Delhi.
  • The patient who needs super specialist level care is also referred to Delhi Govt. Hospital like SUSHRUTA TRAUMA CENTRE and LOK NAYAK Hospital which comes under the close vicinity of ARUNA ASAF ALI Govt. Hospital.
  • In cases of difficulties, the consumers are advised to consult Casualty Medical Officer and if the matter is not solved then contact CCMO if the problem is casualty specific.
  • The senior doctors are assigned administrative duties (Beyond hospital duties hours) to look after administrative problems in general including problems of accident & emergencies. Ambulance services are available for referred needy patients 24X7 and it is free of cost.
  • ACLS CATS Ambulance with one Assistant Ambulance Officer (AAO) are available for outside and inside call as and when required from CATS STATION SITUATED in ARUNA ASAF ALI Govt. Hospital campus 24 x 7 . Further, CATS ambulance is readily available from CATS station AAAGH for free transportation of pregnant women for delivery from home to hospital and back from hospital to home after delivery along with a relative by calling toll free number 102 or one can avail these service from this hospital by taking service from casualty medical officer in shift duties. IMPORTINGLY, the present Accident & Emergency department is well equipped by latest C.C.T.V camera installed by the PWD on all strategic points for a panoramic view of the department and bird eye view to monitor the presence of doctors, paramedical staff as well as for the law breakers.
  • The Information Input system of Accident & Emergency department is further augmented with the installation of Delhi Police Hotline, CATS TETRA AVLS Wireless set including the landline number 011 / 23831524 in event of any possible Disaster and Mass Casualty in the vicinity of this hospital.

Casualty phone number-011 / 23831524


1. Dr. Ruby Kumari CHIEF C.M.O.  
2. Dr. Priya Ranjan Medical Officer  
3. Dr. Surendra Kumar Medical Officer  
4. Dr. Valvi Kuldeep Tapsing Medical Officer  
5. Dr. Vaibhav Chaudhary Medical Officer  
6. Dr. Gaurav Kumar Medical Officer  
7. Dr. Pranav Mishra Medical Officer