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The paediatrics department of AAAGH is a department which serves as a first contact for the hospital for the community in and around North and East Delhi. It also gets many patients from western UP and adjacent Haryana.

OPD Services

The department runs outpatient clinic 06 days a week in all working days. Besides it also conducts post lunch session of special Asthma clinic on Tuesdays. It provides immunization services on all working days.

Indoor Services

The department admits all types of patients who need admission either for care or work-up super-specialty services are obtained from referral of LN Hospital/GB Pant Hospital/KSCH/AIMS/CNBC

Emergency Services

The department runs 24 hours Emergency services.

New Born Services

All new born delivers are attended by paediatrician. Babies with problems are managed in the Nursery. Other normal babies are kept with the mother (kangaroo care).

Facilities provided

The department has 22 beds (13 beds in general paediatrics ward 03 beds in high dependency unit, 02 beds in paediatrics intensive care unit and 04 beds in Nursery). The department gives Level II new-born care.

Location and Availability of Services and Facilities

Facility Room No Location Timings
OPD 5 Ground Floor 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.
Special Clinic (Asthma Clinic) 5 Ground Floor 12 noon. to 01:00 p.m. (Tuesday)
Immunization Clinic 6 Ground Floor 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
General Paediatric Ward 234 2nd Floor 24 Hours
High Dependency Unit 233 2nd Floor 24 Hours
PICU 232 2nd Floor 24 Hours
Nursery 230 2nd Floor 24 Hours

Organizational Chart of the Department The department has 13 Doctors (Specialist 02, Senior Residents 05, Junior Residents 05, Staff Nurses and Nursing Orderlies 03).

Name Designation
Dr. Ritu Chopra Specialist
Dr. Rekha Luthra Grade II Specialist
Mrs. Sumati Sister In Charge Peads.
Mrs. Sumati Sister In Charge Nursery


  1.  Question : - What are the vaccines available for Immunization in the Hospital? Answer : - All vaccines covered under the National Immunization Programmer namely, DPT, OPV, Pentavalent IPV, Measles, MMR, TT in addition Hepatitis and Typhoid vaccines are also available.
  2. Question :- Do I have to pay for any service available in the Hospital? Answer : - No, AAAGH is a Government Hospital which provides service free of cost to the public.

Message Children are like delicate, tender flowers. Please co-operate to provide them the best possible care.